Planning Application

Rethink the Paterson – June 2019 Update

What’s just happened? 

A Planning Application has been submitted, despite over 200 objections raised in the latest consultation with the City Council, and before the proposed Addendum has even been considered. In the Planning Application the Christie acknowledged the main concern of the responses was the height .. and they’ve now made it even higher! 

They clearly haven’t listened to the primary concerns of local residents.

That building is far too high and is completely unsuitable for a residential area.

In their 2014 Strategic Planning Framework for the next 15 years, the Christie and MCC agreed that development should “not prejudice surrounding street character or have adverse impacts on neighbouring properties.” [Para 7.9] Clearly Christie’s management decided protecting street character or having adverse impacts on our properties isn’t that important now.


This is an alarming precedent.

The height might not affect you now, but could affect you in the future. Current Council policy (Manchester Core Strategy 2012-2027 - EN2) specifically states:

“Suitable locations [for Tall Buildings] will include sites within and immediately adjacent to the City Centre. … Elsewhere within Manchester tall building development will only be supported where, in addition to the requirements listed above, it can be shown to play a positive role in a coordinated place-making approach to a wider area. Suitable locations are likely to relate to existing district centres. The height of tall buildings in such locations should relate more to the local, rather than the City Centre, urban context.”

The City Council’s Tall Building Policy is clearly being ignored. 

This could open opportunities for other developers to argue equally out-of-character high buildings are OK in Withington & Didsbury.

The shadow from this building will be huge and will affect a wide residential area.

We commissioned some animations from an architect :

Watch the shadow cast in July here

Watch the shadow cast in December here

Parking and traffic increases will be small, right? 

No. Christie’s May update said there would be just 55 new jobs (c.30 new cars) in 2022. The Christie have now advised 965 people will ultimately be in the new building. New jobs are welcome but not without an adequate plan for the extra cars.

Won’t the Award-Winning Green Travel Plan solve it? 

Christie’s most recent published figures showed single occupancy vehicles had dropped from 66% to 57% of staff (2014-2016). That's positive, but … total staffing had also increased by over 400 in that time, which reduced around 2,270 commuters’ cars only by about 2% to around 2,215, which is why, despite the Award, we have not noticed any difference in traffic.

They say they will “actively manage” any increases in traffic and parking.

Aside from all the staff and contractor parking issues, Christie patients are already queueing to get into full car parks at peak times, that’s unfair on them, which shows the Trust can’t cope with the numbers already visiting the site. 

Are we against rebuilding the Paterson? 

No – of course not! Over 200 people attended the public meeting we arranged at the end of April, from 65 streets. We’ve also had support from many including Christie staff & volunteers. We are in favour of a new building for the Paterson – but not one of this scale, and not until the Christie has a more robust plan for traffic and parking in the area. 

Where can I see the facts for myself? 

You can view the Planning Application on the council website here

There are 61 documents the Christie submitted - to help narrow them down:

- To see how they propose managing the traffic and parking, take a look at the Green Travel Plan and see if you’re convinced. 

- To view the height, look at the North, South, East and West elevations. 

But I’ve already objected in May or earlier this year, do I really need to object again?

Yes! This is THE planning application that will determine if a building of this scale gets built or not. 

Register your objection against this planning application here.

Or email the planning officer direct at

A template response can be found here

This is the single most important action you can take. Even if you responded to the council consultation in May, you must now re-submit your objections to the Planning Application.

Members of the same household can make separate responses.



In addition to sending in your concerns to the council, please sign the petition to the Manchester City Council Executive: